• 31. August 2018

Hope you all had a great summer and enjoyed the sun, hot weather and the amazing tunes of Tesla Death Ray‘s debut album ‘Verveine Illusion’, which was the first release ever on Taxi Gauche Records. Their songs were featured on various radio stations, e.g. SRF or toxic.fm, meanwhile the record can be bought in various record stores in Switzerland. In the meantime, the boys in the band are back from holiday and rehearsing together with the fourth band member, guitar player Sandro D’Aulerio.

While it‘s been quiet around Dawns Mystery lately, here‘s the breaking news: the band spent the sweatiest summer working with Philippe Laffer at Alterna studios in Basel. Laffer is in charge of producing their debut album, to be released on our label at the dawn of 2019. TGR would define their sound as ‘psychedelic pop meets the 90s, like waveforms reaching through space and back again’. We can’t wait to get the album pressed, promise this one will be striking like lightning!

For the time being, get back to earth momentarely to join the cult of The Solar Temple who worship the era of psychedelic rock from the late 60s, yet revolutionizing it in their own, modern way. The band hasn’t released anything yet and we’re proud to make this first step together with them. The 7″ vinyl featuring ‘Flowing Free’ and ‘Mind’s Garden’ is in the pressing plant, you can pre-order it now here, get the songs immediately and float away with their garage-ish neo-psych tunes at one of their upcoming shows (Lauter openair, Gonzo club).

To complete this great summer, we are thrilled to welcome the finest lo-fi darkpop group Annie Taylor, who ended up jumping into Taxi Gauche Records arms. Chances are high that you caught the group around singer Gini Jungi somewhere at a festival these past months, playing one of their psych-grunge sets they’re known for. Their debut album is scheduled for spring 2019 – for now, we don’t have a choice but to wait for it eagerly. To bridge the time and teach us rock ‘n roll, Annie Taylor are giving away one of their earlier singles to the TGR newsletter subscribers. Get it here for free and thank us later 🙂

To support the label and the bands, there‘s the option to visit either our website or the bandcamp site. More stuff is coming soon – make sure you‘ll check the site from time to time since we‘re not featured on any social media platforms as a matter of principle. You still can use the #taxigauche on your posts though or just spread the word and sticker the stickers around in your town, you‘ll get them for free at the bands’ shows.

Much love
Piet // Taxi Gauche Records