Tesla Death Ray
The band - formed in 2015 by former Hard Coming Love-member Claudio Amoroso - is respected for their engaging, eclectic and sound-strong live performances. Their psychedelic rock songs have a lucid independence but nevertheless fit together seamlessly to form an overall picture. With Verveine Illusion the band is releasing their debut album. While the focus at their concerts is on the tight live performance, they explore the diversity of the individual pieces leading to an incredible versatility and love for details in each track, be it percussions and frequencies of feedbacking guitars floating in the background or the polyphonic singing. 'Verveine Illusion' closes the loop of late 60s psychedelic rock and the rock’n’roll of the early to mid 70s. The trio consists of Claudio Amoroso (vocals, guitar), Milan Schilling (drums, percussion, vocals) and Sandro Raschle (bass, vocals).