Dawns Mystery
The four lads from Wipkingen in Zurich are creating new sounds. Dawns Mystery made their way to Basel to record their debut album 'Before Life at the Seaground'. Together with producer Philippe Laffer they spiced up one gem after another. The explosive combination of Laffer's pop influence and the experimental arrangements and sounds of the psych-rockers produce a space-rock dream world with sparkling pop moments. The clash of nineties pop rock with seventies vibes could not have succeeded better.
Dawns Mystery has freshened. Songs like Volcano and Dog Bowl let the album shine through with emphatic melodies and modern aesthetics as we know it from bands like Tame Impala or Parcels. And that’s how they perform live, with a lot of charm and good vibes.

"Dawns Mystery sets new tracks in Zurich combining 70s and 80s vibes with psychedelic pop." Music Feels Better Together

"Almost like a journey through the galaxy" Rock Star Magazine

"Live convinced the quartet by flowing manes and a lot of fuss. For all those who love the mix of rock and spherical sounds" Tsüri