Annie Taylor
'Satan I want to marry you' - Girl grunge meets psychedelic rock with a touch of cheesy darkpop. Imagine Annie Taylor as a rusty dog searching for his bone in the expanding universe. Pandora’s Box opened end of 2016, when Gini (singer & guitarist) forced her flatmate to rehearse in the living room, until the neighbors came by to sing along or shut them up. Her vision of a grungy duo mutated when bass player Michael and guitarist Cyril found their way back from the underworld. The band's first move as Annie Taylor was to release three singles (Partner in Crime, Wasted Youth, Teach Me Rock'n Roll) and extensive touring in Italy, France and Switzerland. Following this, Annie Taylor played with charming upcoming bands such as L.A. Witch, Sunflower Bean and Love N Joy. Instead of imitating the real late teacher Annie Taylor by tossing themselves over the Niagara Falls in a barrel, they somehow ended up jumping into Taxi Gauche Records arms. After reinventing themselves together with new partners in crime to join the group, they will maintain their girlgrunge, psychedelic lo-fi darkpop sound which will be hearable on their debut album, scheduled early 2019.